SEO Case Study No.1 - A leading French property portal


SEO case study was originally started as a website for a small English speaking estate agent in France.
The owner approached us to increase the visibility of their website on the internet to drive more people to view the properties that they had advertised.

Due to the success of the website marketing campaign ran for them, the brief changed to include marketing the website as a property portal for the whole of France rather than the original small regional website it was originally intended to be.

Our Brief

Identify the most effective keywords/phrases that people would use to find a site like theirs on the search engines.
Provide 'optimisation' advice for the code of the website.
Drive more targeted visitors to the website.

Promotion and marketing of the FranceHouseHunt website is continuous and on-going.

The Results

The results of marketing far exceeded the owners' expectations.

After a short period the website was ranking well for a number of key phrases. Once dominance for a particular key phrase was established other key phrases were identified and work started to raise the profile of the website for those key phrases.

Code Changes

We suggested a number of changes to code of the website to make it more 'search engine friendly'. These were implemented by the owner.

Social Media

We suggested social media as a marketing strategy to the owner. This was accepted and we created appropriate social media accounts and ran the social marketing for the website for a period of time until the owner felt comfortable running it themselves.
One example of this is their Twitter account. See FranceHouseHunts' Twitter feed HERE.

Key Phrases

Ranked number 1 on Google and other search engines for keywords such as: 'property for sale in France', 'property for sale france', 'property in France' and 'property france'. is ranked number 1 for 28 different key phrases and is ranked in the top 5 search engine results for hundreds of other keywords and phrases despite extremely strong keyword competition. Keyword top ranking on Google

Visitor Numbers

As a result of the website optimisation and marketing we undertook for the site, visitor numbers have steadily increased to the point where has become one of the most visited French property portals for English speakers looking for property for sale in France - rivalling the very largest property portals. seo results


As a result of the website marketing undertook for, visitor numbers have increased from 150 a day to an average of 1300 a day currently.
The number of pages viewed have risen from approximately 1500 a day to close to 23,000 a day on average.
We must stress however, that these results have been achieved by sustained website marketing over a period of time to achieve certain defined goals, and gives an indication of the results that can be achieved by effective long-term website promotion and marketing.

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