Frequently Asked Questions

Is your website marketing service expensive?

Right, let's tackle this one first.

Well it depends on your point of view.
You'll need to work out what you can potentially gain from ranking well on the search engines. How much extra business you can potentially generate by having your website more visible. Compare the cost to what you spend on advertising on newspaper and magazine adverts (and the return you get from them).

Your website is your on-line shopfront. If people aren't finding it, they're not finding your business and they're not buying your services or products.
We don't think the service we provide is expensive, and we have compared our prices to other equivalent companies and we come out cheaper.

See our prices HERE.

Is your website marketing service suitable for MY small business?

If you want or need people to see/visit your website, if you need to make your brand/business or service known, if you want to develop your on-line business, then YES. Most definately.

We work with businesses that range from small one-man operations to medium sized companies in other countries.

How quickly will I see results?

That's actually a tricky question to answer because it depends on a number of different factors, such as the age of your website, how well your code has been optimised for the search engines and a few other things.
However results can normally be seen within 2 weeks.
Sometimes results can be seen within as little as a couple of days. We will give you a better idea of when results will be seen for your website when we have more information about your site and your requirements.

Are 1st page results on the search engines guaranteed?

Quite simply, no.
No-one can guarantee results (if they do then they are misleading you). Google and the other search engines do not release information about how they rank websites, so no-one can tell you that they can achieve top results in Google (because they don't know the criteria that Google uses).
However, because of our experience in this field and length of time we've been doing it, we are confident that we can make a big difference to your business. We have achieved first page search engine rankings for nearly all of the companies we have worked with.

Is what you do SEO? I'm confused by these strange terms.

Yes. What we do is part of what is called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). But it also a whole lot more.
We also MARKET your website and brand.

We use a range of techniques that drive visitors to YOUR website, and they are RELEVANT visitors. We build organic results in the search engines to give your site authority.

Do you practice what you preach? Are you on the first page of the search engines?

Yes we do. And yes we are. This is a new domain name we bought recently and we have started marketing the site exactly the same way we would a customers website. And yes, we have already achieved page 1 positions for certain keywords like 'Lincolnshire website visibility', 'Lincolnshire website marketing and visibility' etc. And we're working on a whole host of other keywords which we expect to rank extremely well for in a couple of weeks time.

If/when you get my site on the 1st pages of the search engines, are the results permanent?

In a word, no.
Whilst we use long term ranking techniques to get you on the first pages of the search engines, we can't tell you how long they will stay on the first page for. Which is why we recommend you market your website continuously.

Do you need administrator access to my site to do what you do?

It depends (doesn't it always). If your site's code has been well optimised, then no. If you have someone who can make the recommendations we give you, then no. If you would like us to make the changes we recommend, then yes we will require access to the code for the website.

Will changes to the code of my website change the look of the site?

No, it won't affect the way your site looks at all.

Do you design websites/host websites?

We do, but that isn't our core business and the prices quoted do not include website design or hosting. If you need either of those services please ask us for a separate quote.

I run a web design company, can you work for me and my customers?

We would be happy to discuss terms with you for marketing and promoting your customers websites.

Is there a minimum period I need to use your services for?

The minimum period we will work for you is a month. But we would recommend for our services to be useful to you and your website that you use our services for at least 3 months.
Don't forget that if you're trying to make your site more visible, then your competitors are more than likely trying to do the same, so continued marketing of your site may be required.

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